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Anthony Seaforth

Born and raised in Lynn, Anthony Seaforth was a multi-sport athlete in high school. He had teachers and mentors who helped him channel his energy into academics. Those strong relationships gave him a space to learn, do work, and stay out of trouble—something he knew many of his peers didn’t have. After graduation, Seaforth went to college and earned a business degree, always with the goal of returning to Lynn to be a “big brother” to kids in need of mentoring and academic support. Seaforth realized that dream, founding No Ceilings Youth Group to support students and student athletes—many of whom will be first-generation college students—in a variety of ways, from academic tutoring to sports training, campus visits and help with college applications.

Seaforth encountered a maze of complicated regulations when he sought to obtain nonprofit status for his organization. Through the local Chamber of Commerce, he heard about Northeast Legal Aid’s Community Development Practice, which focuses on helping low-income entrepreneurs start and strengthen businesses. Attorney Jared Nicholson helped him gather the documentation needed to formalize No Ceilings’ nonprofit status, putting the organization in a better position to seek funding and to work directly in the schools, strengthening connections to students as well as coaches, teachers, administrators, and the wider community. Seaforth calls NLA’s assistance invaluable, saying “I always had a vision. Jared helped it take shape.”