MLAC’s response to Governor’s Budget

Urges legislature to provide $35M for civil legal aid in FY22

BOSTON, January 27, 2021 – Today, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker released his FY22 budget with a recommendation to fund civil legal aid at $29 million, the same amount of funding it received in the FY21 budget.

“I am grateful to Gov. Baker for his commitment to funding civil legal aid and his recognition. of civil legal aid lawyers as essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lynne Parker, executive director of the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation. “The public health and economic crisis has had a disproportionate impact on low-income people, who continue to face unprecedented challenges and threats to their safety, financial stability, and wellbeing.

“Even before the pandemic struck, legal aid organizations turned away more people than they could serve, due to lack of financial resources. With the increase in both the amount of demand and the severity of the crises individuals and families are facing, MLAC is seeking an additional $6 million in funding so more people can have equal access to justice. We will work with Senators and Representatives in the Legislature to improve upon the level funding recommendation included in the Governor’s Budget today.

“Civil legal aid is a significant and crucial part of the Commonwealth’s social safety network, especially as we seek to respond to a devastating pandemic year. Funding civil legal is not only necessary and just, it is also a wise investment. Last year, civil legal aid organizations provided an economic benefit to the Commonwealth and its residents of $115 million.

“With the urgent unmet need and the strong return on the Commonwealth’s investment in civil legal aid, we will strongly urge the legislature to increase civil legal aid funding to $35 million for FY22.”