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If your organization is interested in supporting the EJC’s budget campaign, review the statement below and complete the form. Endorsement does not involve any financial obligation. Organizations that sign on will have their names featured on the EJC website and in campaign materials. Thank you for your consideration!

FY25 Statement of Support 

We endorse the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation’s (MLAC’s) request for $55 million in the FY25 state budget.  

In our daily work, we help Massachusetts residents stay housed, healthy, safe, and financially secure – and we know from experience that civil legal problems can quickly turn a person’s life upside down.  

If you are accused of a crime, you have a right to an attorney, but that right does not apply to most civil cases—and it can be incredibly difficult to navigate the court system and complex government agencies alone. When people can’t afford a lawyer, their already-serious legal issues – unsafe housing conditions, health care access, domestic violence, employment discrimination, elder abuse – can get much worse.  

By providing free legal advice and representation to Massachusetts residents with low incomes, MLAC-funded organizations play a vital role in the state social safety net. We are proud and grateful to partner with them and connect more people with legal assistance when they need it most. 

Together with legal aid organizations, we are working to build a stronger, healthier, and more just Commonwealth—and additional funding for MLAC and civil legal aid in FY25 will bring us closer to our goal.

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