Rep. Cronin speaks in support of civil legal aid funding

The following are remarks by Representative Claire Cronin, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, during the Massachusetts House budget debate on April 25, 2018.

Rep. Cronin: “I rise in support of the amendment for public safety and judiciary. There are many important provisions in the consolidated amendment. I want to highlight one that is near and dear to us. That is the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation. We fund it at $20.75 million, a $2.75 million increase over the current budget and a $2.57 million increase over the governor’s budget. This was a strong priority for the majority of members of this House. MLAC is a vital resource and removes barriers to legal assistance. Last year assisted over 83,000 individuals in Massachusetts regarding housing, domestic violence and other issues. In fiscal 2017, MLAC yielded a return of over $59 million in benefits, including securing federal assistance and generating substantial savings for the state in housing and health care costs. I ask for your support for this amendment.”